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More Info Oct 09, 2017

Annual International Investment Agreements Conference: Phase 2 of IIA Reform

9-11 October 2017, Palais des Nations, Geneva

This 3-day high-level conference will carry IIA reform to the next phase, building at a series of UNCTAD investment conferences, including the World Investment Forum 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya.


IIA reform has made significant progress, with a large number of countries following UNCTAD's Road Map for IIA Reform (phase 1 of IIA reform). However, much work remains to be done to modernize the existing stock of "old-generation" IIAs (phase 2 of IIA reform).

The World Investment Report 2017 (Chapter III) sets out and discusses 10 options to reform old-generation treaties that countries can adapt and adopt in line with their specific reform objectives.


Based on a stocktaking of reform and policy options at hand, the Annual IIA Conference will share experiences and identify best practices for phase 2 of IIA reform.


High-level IIA negotiators from developing, developed and transition economies, as well as representatives from civil society, intergovernmental organizations and the private sector.

Registration is now open on the UNCTAD website.

Follow online live stream

An online live stream is available to the public for the main sessions of UNCTAD's High-level IIA Conference from 9 to 11 October in Geneva. More information is available here.