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Hub News Article May 30, 2014

UNCTAD Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

UNCTAD celebrates its 50th anniversary with a series of events at the Palais des Nations in Geneva from 16 to 20 June:

Monday, 16 June

  • 50 years of UNCTAD

Tuesday, 17 June

  • 28th Special Session of the Trade and Development Board: Celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of UNCTAD

Wednesday, 18 June

  • 3rd Geneva Dialogue: Trade as a means of implementation of the sustainable development goals
  • High-Level Meeting of the Group of 77 and China
  • UNCTAD Public Symposium: A better world economic order for equality and sustainable development post-2015

Thursday, 19 June

  • UNCTAD Public Symposium (continued)

Friday, 20 June

  • Cutting the cost of remittances: the role of mobile money
  • Small Island Developing States event

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