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Hub News Article Jan 13, 2015

Registration now open for UNCTAD Meeting on Transformation of the IIA Regime

There are six weeks to go until the UNCTAD meeting on "The Transformation of the International Investment Agreement Regime", to be held on 25-27 February 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland. Registration is now open and can be done here.

The objective of this intensive three-day meeting is to develop directions for reform through an open and inclusive multi-stakeholder approach. In so doing, the meeting will advance the discussions that were commenced at the IIA Conference "Reforming the International Investment Agreements Regime" at the World Investment Forum 2014 (16 October 2014).

Participating experts will represent a wide range of stakeholders from the investment and development community. The official UNCTAD notification can be found here; and further details on the registration process here.

The three-day meeting will consist of a combination of plenary sessions and break-out working groups. Discussions will be result-oriented: building on today's pressing issues, experts will identify concrete strategies and action points that can help shape a sustainable-development friendly IIA regime.

Relevant material is available at the meeting website. This includes the provisional agenda, which will be complemented and updated in due course, and an official UNCTAD background note (soon in all official UN languages).

The contribution by means of "report-back" is possible irrespective of your actual participation in the meeting. For further guidance on the method for "report-back", please see here.