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Hub News Article Feb 27, 2015

Opening Speech of Mr. James Zhan at IIA Expert Meeting Now Available

UNCTAD convened a Meeting on “The Transformation of the International Investment Agreement Regime” (25-27 February 2015, Geneva - Switzerland) where International Investment Agreement (IIA) Experts, including a wide range of stakeholders from the investment and development community, discuss today’s pressing reform issues and identify concrete strategies and action points that will help shape a sustainable-development friendly international investment framework.

The objective of the intensive three-day meeting in February is to further develop a roadmap for reform through an open and inclusive multi-stakeholder approach and thereby carry forward the work of the IIA Conference.

To set the stage for the discussion, the Director of UNCTAD's Division on Investment and Enterprise, Mr. James Zhan, presented the recent trends in IIAs and ISDS, identifying the major challenges faced by the IIA regime and outlining a strategy for the transformation of the IIA regime.

This UNCTAD Expert Meeting advances discussions that were initiated at the World Investment Forum 2014 (16 October 2014) at the IIA Conference “Reforming the International Investment Agreements Regime”.

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