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Hub News Article Dec 01, 2016

UNCTAD's TDB set to address global investment facilitation challenges

Facilitating investment is crucial for sustainable development and inclusive growth. It is critical for meeting the annual SDG-financing gap of $2.5 trillion in developing countries alone. However, to date, national and international investment policies have paid relatively little attention to investment facilitation. UNCTAD's Global Action Menu for Investment Facilitation aims to complement existing investment instruments and proposes 10 sets of actions for national and international policy measures.

On 6 December 2016, the 63rd session of the Trade and Development Board (TDB), UNCTAD's governing body, will debate how to fill this systemic gap in both national and international investment policies. Based on UNCTAD's Global Action Menu for Investment Facilitation, high-level delegates will review national and international policy experiences. The Global Action Menu for Investment Facilitation will be the topic of the high-level discussion in the upcoming session of the TDB under item 3: Investment and Development.

Originally launched in January 2016, and subsequently included in UNCTAD’s June 2016 World Investment Report, the UNCTAD's updated Global Action Menu for Investment Facilitation is the result of an extensive process of field testing, peer reviewing and intergovernmental consensus building. This process benefited from UNCTAD’s 14th Ministerial Conference (UNCTAD 14) as well as the 5th World Investment Forum (WIF) held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 17 to 21 July 2016, and involved high-level policymakers from developing, developed and transition economies, the private sector and intergovernmental organizations.

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