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Mobilizing investment and channeling it into SDG sectors: the case of public-private partnerships (PPPs)

PPPs can help bridge the SDG-financing gap; they carry opportunities, but also risks. This project assists investment policymakers, investment promotion officials and academia to maximize opportunities and minimize risks.

It does so by:

  • exploring the investment policy dimension of PPPs, both in terms of national and international investment policymaking;
  • synthesizing the PPP-related information in UNCTAD IIA and ISDS Navigators and providing sample clauses;
  • offering training materials and tools for policymakers; and
  • providing a platform for exchange.

Definitions of PPPs

PPPs are formal arrangements between the public and private sectors to deliver public services and infrastructure, while sharing the attendant risks and rewards. Read more about different definitions of PPPs.

Opportunities and risks of PPPs

PPPs can help mobilize investment and channel it into SDG sectors. Read more about what PPPs can add in pursuit of the SDGs and also the opportunities and risks of PPPs.

PPPs and ISDS cases

PPPs have given rise to treaty-based investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS) cases. Read more about key sectors and patterns involved and carry out your own searches using UNCTAD’s ISDS Navigator.

PPPs and IIA drafting

Careful IIA drafting can help reduce countries’ exposure to PPP-related ISDS cases. Read more about key IIA clauses, their relevance for PPPs, their prevalence in the IIA universe and review sample provisions . Carry out your own searches using UNCTAD’s IIA Mapping Project Navigator.

See also selected resources and literature on PPPs