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Almås v. Poland Kristian Almås and Geir Almås v. The Republic of Poland (PCA Case No. 2015-13)
Nationality of the parties
Summary of matters at issue
Lease agreement with the Polish Agricultural Property Agency for 4200 hectares of farmland in Poland through Pol Farm, a company in which the claimants were the sole shareholders.
Claims arising out of termination of a 30-year land lease by the Polish Agricultural Property Agency.
Economic sector and subsector
Primary: A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing
1 - Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities
Arbitral rules and administering institution
PCA (Permanent Court of Arbitration)
Composition of tribunal
Crawford, J. R.
Reinisch, A.
Mestad, O.
Status/Outcome of original proceedings
Decided in favour of State
Decisions rendered
Amount of compensation
100.00 mln PLN (24.80 mln USD)
Data not available
IIA breaches alleged/found
Indirect expropriation

Fair and equitable treatment/Minimum standard of treatment, including denial of justice claims

Arbitrary, unreasonable and/or discriminatory measures

Umbrella clause
None - all claims dismissed at the merits stage
Follow-on proceedings
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