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Hub News Article Aug 27, 2015

Mr. James Zhan Spoke at Parliament of South Africa – Trade and Industry Committee

Mr. James Zhan, Director of UNCTAD's Investment and Enterprise Division, spoke to Parliamentarians and invited stakeholders on 25 August in Cape Town. The event was held by the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry at the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa. The Committee is tasked with processing the Promotion and Protection of Investment Bill, which is currently before Parliament.

Mr. Zhan briefed Parliamentarians about recent developments in international investment rule making, the broader shift in investment policymaking towards sustainable development and FDI trends in South Africa’s economy. He provided general comments on the current version of the Investment Bill, describing it as a “timely step towards a ‘new generation’ investment policy framework for South Africa”. Mr. Zhan further noted that the Bill could "play a role in filling an international investment policy gap” and might "serve as a guideline for negotiating international commitments”. He considered further work to strengthen the dimensions of investment facilitation and policy coherence of the country's regulatory framework important.