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Hub News Article Oct 18, 2017

Outcomes of the IIA Conference 2017

The 2017 edition of UNCTAD’s High-level IIA Conference was held in Geneva from 9-11 October 2017.

More than 300 experts, including high-level IIA negotiators, representatives from intergovernmental organizations, civil society, academia and the private sector convened for the 2017 edition of UNCTAD’s Annual High-level IIA Conference. The Conference comprised a combination of high-level plenary sessions and break-out working sessions, coupled with lunch-time events. The plenary sessions were webcast.

Using UNCTAD’s Road Map for IIA Reform as a basis and UNCTAD’s 10 Options for Phase 2 of the reform as instruments, experts took stock of reform areas and available policy options. By sharing experiences, analyzing pros and cons of the options and identifying best practices, the meeting charted the way forward for the next phase of IIA reform.

More specifically, the 2017 edition of the IIA Conference:

  • Recognized that the regime was too big to be fixed by a single group of countries or a single institution. Multilateral collaboration would be key given the need for a collective endeavour.
  • Noted the importance of addressing the interaction and coherence between the national and international dimensions of investment policymaking. This issue will be tackled in Phase 3 of IIA Reform.
  • Confirmed UNCTAD as the convener of experts on international investment policymaking. The meeting showcased UNCTAD’s ability to provide an inclusive setting for the wide range of investment and development stakeholders.
  • Appreciated UNCTAD’s triple role as analytical resources provider, consensus-building platform provider and technical assistance provider.
  • Called upon UNCTAD to further its work on international investment policymaking, in pursuit of the mandate governments provided in UNCTAD Ministerial Conferences, the UN Addis Ababa Action Agenda and UN GA Resolution on financing for development.

UNCTAD’s Division on Investment and Enterprise is committed to providing the necessary backstopping to ensure that the international investment regime works for sustainable development.

We look forward to jointly continuing this endeavour at UNCTAD’s 2018 World Investment Forum, scheduled for 22 to 26 October 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. More information will be shared soon through our UNCTAD World Investment Network newsletter (click here to subscribe).